Drama Awards

Drama Trophies, Awards and Medals

Are you looking for a quality Drama Trophy for your next Drama competition or event? We have a great selection of Drama Trophies, ideal for all types of Drama competitions.  Our Drama Trophy range includes Drama Medals, Glass Drama Trophies, Drama Cups and a variety of other Drama Awards and Trophies. Why not buy your Drama Trophies today and have them delivered fast to your door with free personalisation.

  • Star Performer Dance Drama Acting Award with FREE engraving

    Star Performer Trophy

    Star Performer Achievement Trophy Performance Award available in 2 sizes A fantastic budget performance trophy in antique gold resin with a gold engraving plate for your FREE personalised engraving.  Perfect for the leading actor/actress, a...

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  • Beautifully detailed drama masks trophy FREE engraving

    Gold & Silver Drama Masks Star Trophy

    Gold & Silver Drama Masks Star Trophy Dramatic Theatrical Comedy & Tragedy Masks Award A fantastic affordable price for this resin antique gold and silver finish drama trophy comprising of the two comedy and tragedy theatrical masks in...

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  • Novelty sporting female HERO award, with 2" centre and FREE engraving.


    Female Generic Hero Award Novelty Multisport Hero Trophy A great value fun trophy consisting of a super hero in gold boots, red cape and skirt resting her foot on a 2" centre piece in which you can choose your sport or activity. Set on a sturdy trophy...

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  • Little Star budget drama masks theatre award available with FREE engraving.

    Mini Star Drama Masks Award

    DRAMA MASKS STAR AWARD Comedy & Tragedy Drama Masks Trophy  A superb budget mini Drama award that features the two beautiful theatre masks, comedy and tragedy in antique gold in the middle of a gold star.  This is a stunning little...

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  • Theatre drama comedy and tragedy masks star trophy. Includes FREE personalised engraving.


    DRAMA COMEDY & TRAGEDY AWARD Stunning Drama Star Trophy This simply stunning antique gold star drama masks award is the perfect trophy to award any winning drama performance, be it a show or an individual act, a competition or event or to present...

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  • Star Shield Drama Theatre Performance Budget Award from 1stPlace4Trophies

    Star Shield Drama Award

    Star Shield Drama Award  Drama Theatre Budget Trophy  A fantastic value price for this miniature resin antique gold finish Drama Award. Perfect to reward school, college or theatrical performance or achievement. Mounted on a sturdy base with...

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  • Upright standing Drama comedy and tragedy masks trophy for those fabulous acting performances.


    UPRIGHT DRAMA MASK AWARD Theatre Comedy & Tragedy Masks Trophy An unbeatable theatrical performance deserves an unbeatable quality trophy such as this resin drama masks award, the comedy mask being positioned above the tragedy mask. A mixture of...

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