Gaelic Football Trophies

Gaelic Football Trophies, Awards and Medals

Are you looking for a quality Gaelic Football Trophy for your next Gaelic Football competition or event? We have a great selection of Gaelic Football Trophies, ideal for all types of Gaelic Football competitions. Our Gaelic Football Trophy range includes Gaelic Football Medals, Glass Gaelic Football Trophies, Gaelic Football Cups and a variety of other Gaelic Football Awards and Trophies. Why not buy your Gaelic Football Trophies today and have them delivered fast to your door with free personalisation.

  • Silver Trophy Cup available in 3 sizes with FREE personalised engraving.

    Silver Plastic Trophy Cup

    Silver Plastic Trophy Cup Cup Award available in 3 sizes A simple polished and streamlined classic plastic silver presentation cup mounted on a large sturdy black marble base. Complete with a silver engraving plate for your FREE personalised engraving.

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  • Novelty Sporting Hero Award with 2" centre and FREE engraving.


    Male Generic Hero Award Novelty Multisport Hero Trophy A great value fun trophy consisting of a super hero in gold boots, red cape and pants resting his foot on a 2" centre piece for your choice of sport or activity. Set on a sturdy trophy base with...

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  • Gaelic Football referee award. This trophy includes FREE engraving.

    Gaelic Football Referee Award

    Gaelic Football Referee Award Superb Gaelic Football Officials Award A quality resin antique gold male referee Gaelic Football award for those important match/game officials. Complete with gold engraving plate on a sturdy base.

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  • Stunning oval jade glass Gaelic Football Award. The perfect trophy for any team, match or player and includes FREE engraving

    Oval Jade Glass Gaelic Football Trophy

    Oval Jade Glass Gaelic Football Trophy Gaelic Football Award with 3D image available in 3 sizes A simply stunning award comprising of a superb realistic image of a Gaelic Football positioned at the apex of a jade glass pointed oval design with silver...

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